Miscellaneous Fees

Effective Date: 5/27/2020


Deposit Item Return$15.00 per item

ATM/Debit Card Information

Fee for using a Non-LNB ATM ***$2.50
Non-customer ATM Transaction$2.75

Wire Transfer Service

Incoming$15.00 each
Outgoing$30.00 each
International Outgoing *****$75.00 each

Night Depository Bags

Night Deposit Locked Bag$20.00 each
Zipper Bags$10.00 each


Account Closing Fee *$25.00
Cashiers Checks (Customers)$6.00 per check
Clear Check MethodChronological
Counter Checks -- 4 per sheet$4.00 per sheet
Credit ReferenceNo Charge
Dormant Account Fee **$5.00 per month
Fax - incoming/outgoing$3.00 per page (Local)
Foreign Collection Items$30.00 per item
Foreign Currency Exchange Fee ****$30.00
Garnishment$75.00 per item
Gift Card$5.00
Money Orders (Customers)$5.00 per order
Notary Service (Customer)No Charge
Notary Service (Non-Cust.)$1.00
Overdraft/Non-sufficient Funds Fee$35.00 per item
Replacement Card Fee$7.00
Research$30.00 per hour
Safe Deposit BoxVaries on Size
Safe Deposit Box -- Drilling$150.00
Safe Deposit Box -- Key Replacement$25.00
Signature Guarantee (Customer)No Charge
Statement/Check copies$5.00 per copy
Stop Payments$35.00 per item
Tax Levy$75.00
Telephone Transfers$5.00 each
Two Signatures Required$3.00 per month
Undeliverable Mail$3.00 per month
* Account close out fee applies if account is closed within six months of opening.
** Accounts are considered “dormant” after 1 year of no activity. When an account becomes “dormant,” interest is forfeited.
*** Fee will be waived if the Non-LNB ATM is in the MoneyPass Network.
**** Additional fees may apply.
***** In addition to $30.00 bank fee there will be a fee for currency type and Country. Please see Customer Service Representative.