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Info on commercial and agricultural loans from Liberty National Bank

All loan requests are subject to approval and restrictions may apply. All mortgages require property insurance and closing costs are applicable unless stated otherwise.

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Topics covered in this section include:

Types of Commercial & Ag Lending

Liberty National Bank offers loans for:
  • Real Estate*

  • Liberty National Bank offers very competitive financing for commercial and agricultural real estate, including the purchase or refinancing of current loans. Loan proceeds may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:
    • Commercial properties, both owner- and non-owner occupied
    • Rental housing
    • Combination business/residential properties
    • Farm ground
    Recognizing that your real estate transaction may be unique, Liberty National Bank offers an innovative and flexible program to fit your needs.
  • Business Line of Credit*

  • A Liberty National Bank Line of Credit will allow you to borrow only as much as you precisely need when you need it. You may borrow up to a set amount and pay it down repeatedly, balancing your cash flow needs with this ready source of short-term funding. A Line of Credit is simple and easy to use, and is an excellent financial tool to:
    • Cover short term cash needs until accounts receivable can be collected
    • Take advantage of supplier discounts
    • Cover seasonal working capital needs
    • Cover input costs until harvest
    Business and Agricultural lines are often secured by real estate, accounts receivable, inventory, and other business assets, and are renewable annually. Repayment is based on interest only with principal due at maturity. Line requirements include principal paid to $0 (zero) for 30 days during calendar year. Rates are based on Prime plus (variable rate) as disclosed daily in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Term Loans*

  • Term loans are used to finance the acquisition or modernization of the company’s or farm’s productive assets. Term loans are commonly used for:
    • Purchase of machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and to make leasehold improvements.
    • Additions to long term working capital
    • Expansion or modernization of facilities
    • Vehicles or other business transportation
    The source of repayment is often generated by the enhanced cash flow from these assets. The loan period is determined by the productive life of the assets. For example, loans to buy computers and office equipment will be shorter in duration than those used to purchase manufacturing equipment with a longer useful life expectancy.
  • SBA Guaranteed Loans*

  • Guaranteed in part by the US government, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans can help your business with a wide variety of lending needs that might not otherwise qualify for conventional financing. These loans are available on a select basis for customers starting a new business or substantially expanding an existing business. This program is geared toward higher risk loans. 7(a) Loans -- SBA 7(a) Loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including tenant improvements, debt refinance, equipment, working capital, acquisition, partnership buyout, commercial real estate and more. Terms of the loans vary from 7 to 25 years.
*All loans subject to Credit Approval.
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Commercial & Agricultural Loan Representatives

Expect the Best.® from Liberty Loan Representatives: quick and local loan decisions and unparalleled service.

Brandt C. Miller
Vice President, Commercial and Agricultural Lender
NMLS #: 747441
(419) 634-5015
Ada Office, Kenton Office
Tom Parker
Vice President, Commercial Lender
(614) 948-7102
Westerville Office
Donald Price
Vice President, Commercial Lender
NMLS #: 466708
(937) 642-0467
Marysville Office
Kevin R. Serna
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lender
(614) 948-7102
Westerville Office
Michael Waddell
Vice President, Commercial Banking
NMLS #: 1622077
(614) 948-7102
Westerville Office
David S. Willoby
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lender
(937) 592-5688
Bellefontaine North and Bellefontaine South Offices

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