Bonus 50 Christmas Club

Now is the time to open a Christmas Club for 2021!

There are significant benefits to opening a Christmas Club account:
  • Even though it is a “short-term” account, you can save all year long. Having more time to save, means you can save at your own pace and plan for your holiday budget.
  • You can automatically transfer weekly deposits to your account, so you don’t even miss that money.
  • Christmas Club opening deposits can be opened as low as $5.00 on up to $100.00. Plus if you make all 49 weekly payments, Liberty National Bank makes the fiftieth payment for you.
  • You can use the account to pay for holiday gifts, Christmas parties or even a holiday vacation.
  • To receive the Christmas Club Bonus, please open the account by January 31, 2021.
Stop by any branch to get started today.